Technical innovation is the only way to upgrade the development of the logistics industry

Shanghai huicheng logistics to understand flow technical innovation is the only way to upgrade the development of the logistics industry   Shanghai cargo company   to "scientific and technological innovation lead the modern logistics industry" as its theme "the third modern logistics technology innovation Conference 2010 China logistics and purchasing Association of science and technology awards" held in Beijing.

from the transportation, manufacturing, IT, business, energy, education and many other fields of 55 projects won the "Science and technology invention Award" and "Science and technology progress Award" Gold Prize against Chinese logistics innovation development and pioneering spirit, highlights China's logistics from traditional labour-intensive industries to blend more wisdom of modern logistics industry of science and technology.

innovation and Development   trend

"history has proved that technological innovation is inevitable road of logistics development in China, is inevitable. The establishment and rapid development of modern logistics in China, not only benefited from the structure of the economy, trade and industry to promote and rely on scientific and technological innovation and technical progress. "At the General Assembly, President of the China Federation of logistics and purchasing cflp said, straight out of the significance of scientific and technological innovation for the development of modern logistics in China.

last March, the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan, enacted by, one of whose basic principles is "innovative services, adhering to the scientific development." Meanwhile, the plan to "raise the level of logistics information" included in the "top ten tasks", "building a public information platform" into nine key projects. Obviously, technological innovation is the core element of the restructuring and revitalization of the logistics industry.

the just-concluded 17th plenary session also noted that "Twelve-Five" should be based on scientific development as the theme, to accelerate the transformation of economic development pattern as the main line, speed up the development of the service sector, and comprehensively improve Informationization construction, adhere to scientific and technological progress and innovation as an important support transforming the pattern of economic development. Country attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, reflects from the side, technological innovation is bound to China's logistics industry development played a huge boost and leading role.

significance of technology innovation on China's logistics development and impact topics, reporters heard most from award-winning logistics companies are: to carry out scientific and technological innovation to reduce logistics costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. In this session, "Science and technology progress Award" prize of kailuan group international logistics   (hereinafter referred to as kailuan group) is a classic. Kailuan Group Deputy General Manager Liu Bingwen said, kailuan Group since 2002, logistics, through the logistics, logistics companies, logistics phase, output from the original development of hundreds of millions of Yuan of 40 billion yuan. In this process, information, science and technology has played an important role. According to Liu Bingwen introduction, kailuan group logistics information system of advantages mainly in the field of logistics information management system, advanced logistics technology and networking technology, leading-edge supply chain management technology. This group regulated the operations, reducing logistics costs, shortening the business cycle, the overall strength improved, building a broad international marketing channels to advance the internationalization process, can say with remarkable results.   (The A6 version)

reduce logistics costs and improve the enterprise comprehensive competitiveness on the one hand, and more importantly, scientific and technological innovation is of extraordinary significance to guide modern logistics industry. The so-called industrial upgrading, mainly refers to the improvement of the industrial structure and the improvement of quality and efficiency. The improvement of industrial structure for the coordinated development of industry and the upgrading of the structure of industry improve the quality and efficiency of production factors of commitment, technical and management level and product quality improvement. Industry must rely on technological progress. Guangzhou FENGSHEN Logistics Limited (hereinafter referred to as FENGSHEN logistics) in the area of industrial upgrading is a good example. In the logistics technology innovation Conference, declared by FENGSHEN logistics project "auto parts distribution network planning of Guangzhou FENGSHEN logistics" won the "Science and technology progress Award" award. FENGSHEN logistics logistics technology centre technology Liu Yongqi of reporters, company is the full use of automobile logistics application platform, WMS warehouse management systems, automotive and Logistics Centre for supply chain research based innovation platform provides technology research, design and optimization, country or industry research in frontier technology and other services. Through technical innovation, FENGSHEN logistics related to existing logistics solutions, route, site logistics, spare parts, logistics and other aspects have been optimized, improved logistics efficiency, reducing waste of resources, corporate management structure and the quality of service achieved a full upgrade.


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